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Research Field
번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 교신저자 게재년월 파일
117 SCI Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part-A Effect of salinity changes on olfactory memory-related genes and hormones in adult chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta - 2015.09 파일 다운로드
116 SCI Fish and Shellfish Immunology Insights into molecular profiles and genomic evolution of an IRAK4 homolog from rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus): Immunogen- and pathogen-induced transcriptional expression - 2015.04
115 SCI Molecular and Cellular Toxicology Effects of waterborne selenium on toxic and physiological stress response in goldfish, Carassius auratus - 2015.03 파일 다운로드
114 SCI Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part-A Effect of long-afterglow phosphorescent pigment on reproductive parameters and ovarian maturation in the yellowtail damselfish Chrysiptera cyanea - 2015.04 파일 다운로드
113 SCI Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part-A Profiles of hypothalamus-pituitary-interrenal axis gene expression in the parr and smolt stages of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss: Effects of recombinant aquaporin 3 and seawater acclimation - 2015.04 파일 다운로드
112 SCI Biological Rhythm Research Effect of LED light spectra on exogenous prolactin-regulated circadian rhythm in goldfish, Carassius auratus - 2015.02 파일 다운로드
111 SCI Fish and Shellfish Immunology Functional characterization of the evolutionarily preserved mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein (MAVS) from rock bream, Oplegnathus fasciatus - 2014.11
110 SCI Biological Rhythm Research Effects of retinal light input on circadian rhythm genes in the yellowtail clownfish, Amphiprion clarkia, as determined using LED light spectra - 2014.09 파일 다운로드
109 SCI Gene Molecular characterization and transcriptional analysis of non-mammalian type Toll like receptor (TLR21) from rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) - 2014.12
108 SCI Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Profiles of Photosynthetic Pigment Accumulation and Expression of Photosynthesis-related Genes in the Marine Cyanobacteria Synechococcus sp.: Effects of LED Wavelengths - 2014.04 파일 다운로드
107 SCIE Molecular and Cellular Toxicology The effect of LED light spectra on antioxidant system by thermal stress in goldfish, Carassius auratus - 2014.03 파일 다운로드
106 SCIE Animal Cells and Systems Effects of various photoperiods on Kisspeptin and reproductive hormones in the goldfish (Carassius auratus) - 2014.04 파일 다운로드
105 SCI Biological Rhythm Research Retinal light input regulates clock genes and immune function in yellowtail clownfish, Amphiprion clarkia - 2014.06 파일 다운로드
104 SCIE Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences The expression of leptin, estrogen receptors, and vitellogenin mRNAs in migration adult chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta: The effects of hypoosmotic environmental changes - 2014.03 파일 다운로드
103 SCI Biological Rhythm Research Effect of LED light spectra on circadian rhythm in goldfish Carassius auratus: Expression profiles following thermal stress - 2014.11 파일 다운로드
102 SCI Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part-A Kisspeptin regulates the somatic growth-related factors of the cinnamon clownfish Amphiprion melanopus. - 2015.01 파일 다운로드
101 SCIE Molecular & Cellular Toxicology Effects of exposure to waterborne selenium on the antioxidant and immune activity in goldfish, Carassius auratus - 2013.12 파일 다운로드
100 SCI Marine Biology Research Effects of recombinant growth hormone on growth factor and immune component levels in cinnamon clownfish, Amphiprion melanopus - 2014.05 파일 다운로드
99 SCIE Asian-Australasina Journal of Animal Sciences The Expression of Leptin, Estrogen receptors, and Vitellogenin mRNAs in Migrating Female Chum Salmon, Oncorhynchus keta: The Effects of Hypo-osmotic Environmental Changes - 2014.04 파일 다운로드
98 SCI Fish Physiology and Biochemistry The stimulatory effect of LED light spectra on genes related to photoreceptors and skin pigmentation in goldfish (Carassius auratus) - 2014.08 파일 다운로드

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